Daily Bulletin 2016

RSNA Asks: How Do Residents/Fellows Use Social Media?

Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2016



The Daily Bulletin visited the Residents Lounge on Monday to ask residents from across the globe, "How do you use social media in your daily life as a radiology resident?" While some are using social media for work-related reasons, others said they using it strictly for play.

Melkamu Adeb, MD

"I'm on Facebook and Twitter, and with regards to radiology, I follow the major organizations," said Melkamu Adeb, MD, a fourth-year resident from Bridgeport Hospital, Conn. "Whenever there is a scientific finding or a paper comes out, I share it."

Julius Renne, MD

"I use it for private reasons but not for professional purposes," said Julius Renne, MD, a last year resident at the Hannover Medical School, Germany.

Filipa Duarte Figueiredo

"I use it to follow societies such as Radiopaedia and RSNA — what they're reporting and the daily cases they are showing to get a diagnosis and general knowledge," said Filipa Duarte Figueiredo, a second-year resident at Garcia de Orta, in Almada, Portugal.

Kathryn Darras, MD

"We have our own, free UBC radiology teaching app that we promote on Twitter," said Kathryn Darras, MD, a fourth-year resident at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver. "We use it for medical school teaching."

Yousun Won, MD

"I use social media not for my job but to communicate with friends," said Yousun Won, MD, a third-year resident at Soonchunhyang University Hospital in Bucheon, Korea.

Prakhar Agarwal, MD

"I use social media for a lot of things, specifically for IR," said Prakhar Agarwal, MD, a third-year resident at Montifiore Hospital in the Bronx, New York. "I'm using it at RSNA 2016 to learn all about the advancements in radiology. You can't walk to every part of the meeting but you get to hear from influential people on Twitter all the time."

Angela Atinga, MBBChir

"I'm on Twitter and follow Radiopaedia, RSNA and RadioGraphics so I have access to cases of the day," said Angela Atinga, MBBChir, a fourth-year resident from the Imperial NHS Trust in London. "On Instagram I follow one of the radiologists from the U.K. and will probably interact with other radiologists and share cases."

Andrea Fuentealba, MD

"I use Twitter, mainly for getting radiology news," said Andrea Fuentealba, MD, a second-year resident at Clinica Indisa, in Santiago, Chile. "I read opinions from other centers in the U.S., so I can see what's going on in other countries."

Question of the Day:

I want to buy a new mammography unit, but it has a tungsten target. Don't I need the characteristic x-rays from Molybdenum to have the optimal energy range for breast imaging?

Tip of the day:

Dose alerts are set for equipment as a complete unit. This means it may help prevent overdosing a patient, but it also means that the alert may kick in during a high-dose procedure like CT-fluoroscopy and interrupt imaging. Always make sure someone in the room has the password to override when performing high dose procedures on dose alert enabled equipment.

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