Daily Bulletin 2016

Monday At a Glance

Nov. 28, 2016

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Controversy Session Controversies in Radiology Education—Have We Landed in the Magic Kingdom or the Wild Wild West? (E451A)

Hot Topic Sessions

Zika Virus: What the Radiologist Needs to Know (E450B)

MSK Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers: MRI and Beyond (E450A)

RSNA Diagnosis Live™ Winter is Coming (E451B)


Educational Courses:

Molecular Imaging Symposium Basics of Molecular Imaging (S405AB)

BOOST Bolstering Oncoradiologic and Oncoradiotherapeutic Skills for Tomorrow


Series Courses


Scientific Paper Sessions

BOOST Bolstering Oncoradiologic and Oncoradiotherapeutic Skills for Tomorrow

The Netherlands Presents Advances in Neuro-degenerative and Neuro-vascular Diseases (E353C)


3-D Printing Theater Presentations (Learning Center)


Exhibit & Poster Discussions (Learning Center)


Plenary Session (Arie Crown Theater)

Presentation of Honorary Memberships

Annual Oration in Diagnostic Radiology Healthcare Transformation: Driving Value through Imaging (S405AB)
Vivian S. Lee, MD, PhD


Interventional Oncology Series Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Cholangiocarcinoma (S406B)


Educational Courses


Scientific Paper Sessions


Molecular Imaging Symposium Teaching Residents and Their Teachers about Molecular Imaging with Cases: Has the Time Come? (S405AB)


Educational Courses:

RSNA Diagnosis Live™ Chest and Abdomen (E451B)

Special Interest Sessions


BOOST Bolstering Oncoradiologic and Oncoradiotherapeutic Skills for Tomorrow

Question of the Day:

What correction factors do I need to convert CTDIvol to dose?

Tip of the day:

Just because a device is MRI compatible does not mean it will remain so, if it is altered. For example, a neurostimulator may be MRI conditional, but if the base unit is removed (but leads remain in the patent) that patient is not necessarily safe to scan anymore.

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